Five fantastic reasons to choose a marquee for your wedding!

Starting with a blank canvas for your wedding theme and decorations is one of the best reasons to have your wedding in a marquee.

You aren’t restricted by the decor or style of your wedding venue, and you can design your own scheme with various lighting themes including chandeliers. Add silk linings for the ceiling and walls to produce the venue of your dreams that will live on in people’s minds forever.

Wedding marquees come in a variety of sizes, and as long as you can fit it in your garden, you can hire whatever size you need. This means that you can hire a marquee based on your ideal guest list rather than having to limit your guest list to fit in with the restrictions of your venue.

It is possible to change the layout of a marquee simply by adding wall screens or curtains, so you can decide whether you want a separate area for pre-dinner drinks, reception area or a cocktail style wedding. You can also section off the dance floor and decorate it differently to the rest of the marquee to make a dramatic impact when the band starts to play. A marquee is a flexible option, for example, you can take off the sides and open it up if the weather is really good, or you can choose from our 3 types of walls: Plain, Clear or Arched.

Also available to add to the exquisiteness of the marquee is our custom-made wooden flooring or if you like we can carpet the whole floor.

I’ve left the two best reasons to last … Your choice of locations is unlimited and you can finish partying whenever YOU want!